The Who’s TOMMY–Peter Townshend’s tale of a young boy’s journey from trial to triumph is one of the most electrifying evenings of rock ‘n roll ever to play in a theatre! The full-scale Broadway version of the show was presented at Diana Wortham Theatre from May 14-17, 2009 as a Benefit for Eblen Charities. Produced and Directed by Rock Eblen. Co-Produced by Asheville Arts Center.

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“I saw “The Who’s Tommy” last night and am gushing superlatives about the brilliance of the entire performance! Loved everything about it! So professional! I never knew just exactly how talented you really are! Am telling all my friends not to miss the opportunity of seeing it! –Katia Simonov

I am so proud of YOU for taking the initiative and doing interesting and challenging theatre in the Asheville area. –Anne Rhymer

Rock…Tommy was very impressive. We were there Saturday evening. –Jerry Crouch

What a fun night. Great job everyone. You were wonderful in TOMMY and it was such a fantastic production. I came out both Thursday AND Saturday! I am still singing the songs… –Erin Scholze

My mom and I had a great time! I was very impressed with the performances and the set. We sat right behind a bunch of ladies who were laughing and hooting the whole time, they made it even more fun! Looked like the cast was having a blast too. Looking forward to the next Bioflyer production already. –Jamie Perkins

That was definitely the best thing I’ve ever seen you do.
I was really drawn in and completely entertained!
And I know you must be happy with that fantastic response tonight, which was so well deserved. You and your cast made Asheville proud with this one. BRAVO! –Timmy Abell

I am so very impressed and amazed. The band and music were wonderful, the staging great, the singing fantastic, and the entire production simply awesome. The amount of work you put into that and the level of production was way beyond anything I had envisioned. I was expecting a simple musical production, what I saw was a very polished presentation with complexity of set and props. Hats off to you and the cast.        –Rick Shaich, The Hawker

The show was absolutely phenomenal. Kudos to Rock and Crew.
Extremely impressive job 🙂 –Kelly Bowers

How wonderful to be so involved in a project that it’ hard to release. But I don’t think we are suppose to completely release it. That wonderful emotional connection, that many of us adults have forgotton how to feel, is a vital platform to build on. Everything you learned about creating a character, working with supportive actors and supporting them as well, will be a foundation for the next project you do. –Susan Sertain


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