Wizar the Magician

Magic has never been more popular, and with the huge success of movies like Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter, now is the time for wizards! Rock Eblen has been performing his special brand of magic since the early 1980’s. His self-created character WIZAR the Sorcerer is truly a unique experience for kids and adults alike. One moment he’ll quote Shakespeare while producing coins from your ear, and then make sponge balls multiply inside your own hand!

Rock learned much of his innovation from his friend Doug Henning, the late Canadian magician, who revived large-scale illusions in a string of successful TV specials during the 80’s. Rock prefers the intimacy of “close-up” magic where his audience gets to participate in the fun directly. Street magic has also regained popularity because of magicians like David Blaine and Criss Angel in New York. Rock says magic began in the streets, and people have always loved to be mystified “right before their very eyes.”

Because of his theatrical background (Rock holds an MA in Theater) he feels the emphasis should be on colorful presentation and amusing “patter” to embellish the visual effects of his magic. “There’s nothing like the expression on people’s faces when they’re truly baffled and amazed by a simple little feat of magic,” says WIZAR. You can tell by the way kids follow him around. “Show me that again!”

Available by advanced booking. Very reasonable rates. Call 828-684-3361 for more info.

“WIZAR was the hit of my child’s birthday party. The kids adored him and didn’t want him to leave.” –Trudy Bellington

“If anybody can invoke the spirit of Harry Potter—Rock Eblen can—his magic is fabulous!” — Sharon Coxe

Thank you so much for your role in this 2014 FAE Festival. I heard so many positive comments about you and was totally entranced by your way with children. Your stage presence was amazing. You are a wonderful entertainer and I will do everything possible to help support and promote! — John Springer

For performance sample click HERE

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