BIOFLYER PRODUCTIONS had its best run ever April 2010 at Diana Wortham Theatre with the phenomenal musical RENT! Packed houses were raving about the talented singers and high energy pace of this famous show. Another great fundraiser for Eblen Charities.  See comments below…

As is true with previous Bioflyer endeavors, RENT gives Eblen the opportunity to show off his tremendous knack for pulling actors out of the much-tapped Asheville woodwork who are immensely talented and aren’t the same 10 faces that seem to get cast over and over in every show in town. I was positively bowled over by the vocal talents of the performers in this production…the show was an awful lot of fun and for a great cause. –Meg Hale, MtnXpress

Eblen and the phenomenal cast create unique emotional moments throughout this show with nuances, subtle humor, and great timing. Despite, opening night’s tech glitches and the dramatic pre-show theatre fire evacuation, the show revealed compassion and insight into what it really means (and feels) to live and love—deeply.  BioFlyer’s production of Rent surprises and moves the audience to reconsider community compassion through individual acceptance and love.  –AshevilleAcorn

I want to thank Mr. Eblen not only for bringing us an interesting production, but one of the more lively debates we’ve seen so far on this (MtnXpress) forum. –

I saw Rent on Thursday evening and wanted to let you know what a fine job you did. You and Chuck collected some really terrific voices for your cast. You created a very believable character. I enjoyed the set design and I was very proud of the production. You should feel very happy.  –John Hall,  ArtSpace Charter School

We thought the show was amazingly professional, set great, all those lines and the connecting of lines was amazing – very impressive – also the sadness of AIDs in those early days, the terrible losses – I found it a very moving reminder – One thing that made the show so enjoyable was that the cast was obviously having a great time.    All in all, wonderful!  –Marion & Tom Plaut

Rock, Good job putting together a very challenging show and getting a good crowd there…set was interesting and utilized well…the mood and levels of the lighting were very fitting…nicely done! –Chris Lynn, Ballet Conservatory Of Asheville

Rick and I loved your performance last night. Bravo to you, Chuck, Rod, Jamie and the entire brilliant endeavor. It was an authentic rock experience and matched my feelings of seeing the original cast in NY after winning the Tony.  –Jerry Crouch, ACT Director

I’ve seen (Rent productions) many times and I honestly have to say you guys did the BEST!! THANKS for the amazing show and keeping RENT alive!! –Jessica Parnell

Just wanted to congratulate you on another wonderful production! Enjoyed RENT last night. After TOMMY, I had bragged Bioflyer Productions up to everyone, and now I have RENT to rave about. Does my heart good to know that we have such amazing talent in this great city of ours…well done! –Jolene Gervasi

Rock, I want you to know that I had such a great time. I really enjoyed the show. You and your cast were phenomenal.  –Steve Lieb

All of my students who saw it said it was awesome!  –Richard Webb, Drama Teacher,  North Buncombe High School

This was a great evening!  To see your dream come true.  Once again you did Asheville proud, and I was so happy to see that you had such great audiences.  All the folks who came with us were very impressed with the talent. You really found some good singers and actors. It was a real tour-de-force…one amazing accomplishment!     –Timmy Abell, Silver Trout Productions

Hi Rock, Alphie and I totally enjoyed RENT. Tweeted that out to Asheville and a few others sent out my tweet. Was just excellent!  Many emotions. Hard to watch death of a man to AIDS. Made me think of everyone Asheville has lost.  –Tracy Hyorth, MtnX

RENT was sooo good! You all were!! Best show I’ve ever house managed there! It was a honor! –Spring Dungan, Diana Wortham Theatre

I thoroughly enjoyed the play last evening as a guest of my aunt–an employee of Mission. I even shed tears during the passing scene! I particularly enjoyed the solo/character debut performance of the “petite lesbian” character. She’s a sprite and just brimming with ooommph! I hooted for her! My aunt and I decided that the tables were the strongest in all of Asheville. All of you graced them exceptionally well! The talent was extraordinary. A fantastic group! How lucky we are in Asheville to have you! I wish you all the best. –Heather Moore

First off, I saw Bioflyer’s recent production of Rent, and I was blown away. This was my first experience with a Bioflyer event, and it left a great impression. I then looked back on your past productions and I really wish that I would have been around for those shows…great music and helping raise money for various charities seems amazing, and I want to be a part of it. Thank you, John Hansen

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