Asheville Talent Slam!

Asheville Talent Slam was inspiring! A very enthusiastic crowd of over 130 people witnessed an amazing evening of local talent in downtown Asheville.

Congratulations to 2015 Slam Winners!
1st Place $500 – Garrett Nelson
2nd Place $300 – Indigo De Souza
3rd Place $200 – Linda Mitchell
4th Place $50 Gift Cert – Ryan Glass
5th Place $50 Gift Cert – Maddie Shuler
6th Place $50 Gift Cert – Liam Black

This event is an exciting contest (similar to America’s Got Talent and X Factor) bringing together a wonderful diversity of many unique local acts—songwriters, singers, dancers, and much more, all getting great regional exposure by showcasing their abilities. Cash prizes are awarded: $500 first place, $300 second place, and $200 third place, plus $50 gift certificates for 4th, 5th, and 6th places. Contestants must be at least 13 years old. Asheville Talent Slam is an annual benefit for (not produced by) Eblen Charities. It is produced by Rock Eblen and Bioflyer Productions.

The judges use a scale from 1-10 to rate each performance along with providing professional feedback. The studio audience also receives ballots to rate the contestants. The six finalists are determined by a combination of judges vote 60% and audience vote 40%, therefore the more family and friends attending the better a contestant’s chance of winning. This year’s event was March 20th 7pm at the popular Grey Eagle, 185 Clingman Ave. in Asheville.

COMMENTS from previous Slams:

Thank you for a wonderful experience! It was amazing how eclectic the performers were, from age to talent. We will definitely look forward to next year! –Jen Amon

“Rock…I just wanted to tell you again that we really had the best experience EVER! We met the nicest group of people and are going to try and stay in touch with them. I would love to also stay involved with the charity so please keep us posted on up and coming events.” –Mary Martin

“I had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed all the jaw-dropping performances! Thank you ALL so much for the awesome evening!” –Michael Parisi

“Thank you for working hard for your charity and bringing such a great group together!”    –Kelley Sarantis

“Rock…Thank you for everything you did to make the Slam really easy to be in. I had a bunch of fun and really appreciate all the work you put into this event for us!” –Celeste

“Great event, Rock. I can’t wait to see the next one!” BLAINESWORLD BEST AWARD –Blaine Greenfield

“It was a great night. I was impressed at the talent that signed on and entertained us, all while raising funds for 2 great causes. And thank you Rock for a wonderful job putting this together. See you next year!” –Steven Liebenhaut

“Thank You Rock Eblen, it was a pleasure meeting you this past year, you are a talented and gifted man, that knows how to bring smiles to peoples faces.” –Tommy Propest

I would like to encourage all of our talented friends to check out Eblen Charities, Rock Eblen hosts this amazing event The Asheville Talent Slam, please like his page to keep up on news and enter the Slam next year. We have made amazing new friends and had a wonderful time both years. Thank you Rock for all you do in this world! You are truly an exceptional human being 🙂 –Mary Martin

Click here: SLAM VIDEO to see 2012 slideshow by Sherry Rambin


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