FOOTLOOSE the Musical!

Took place April 2011 at Diana Wortham Theatre, a very fun, high-energy musical with loads of youthful spirit, awesome choreography, acrobatics, and upbeat music. What truly drives the piece is the universal importance of building bridges and strengthening bonds between parents and kids. A light hearted musical but with real substance about a father’s longing for his lost son and a young man’s need for his absent father. The musical hits included: “Let’s Hear It For The Boy,” “Holdin’ Out For A Hero,” “Almost Paradise,” “The Girl Gets Around,” and the rousing title song “Footloose.” Popular local band Orange Krush provided the live soundtrack for the show with Chuck Taft returning as music director. FOOTLOOSE celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people, guiding them with a warm heart and an open mind. Another great benefit for Eblen Charities!


Opening night gets my RAVE reviews. A talented group of actresses, actors, and dancers…Rock, the play rocked!  Thanks for inviting me! –Anne Martin

Saw FOOTLOOSE last night…it was fantastic! Kudos to Rock Eblen, who served as both producer and director in making the evening the success it was. In addition, he somehow managed to take on one of the main roles. My wife and I also were amazed that Christopher Caggiano got the leading role just right (given the fact that he had to replace a friend in less than two weeks) Popular local brand Orange Krush did a great job in providing the live music, and perhaps best of all, Bioflyer Productions used the show to raise funds for Eblen Charities. –Blaine Greenfield

Bravo! Rock, You nailed this one.  I think it’s one of the best things I’ve seen you do and your singing was very impressive Friday night.  Your lead actor Ren too…was a big plus.  He has great presence.  You two were a good compliment to each other and were a big part of the interest which moved it all along.  Good story and I thought the dialogue was serious, funny, intelligent, and witty!  Ariel had a lot of energy, perfect, did a great job. Coco was excellent too and great voice on her. I like the three girl singers…very talented and so was the band.  So many things came together for you–a very impressive job! –Mark Nance, DC

Rock…Beautiful job!  Best, Richard Shulman, RichHeart Music

Rock – I enjoyed FOOTLOOSE last night and appreciate your professionalism to “sing through”… Coco was the bomb as was Christopher! Exuberant staging and smart presentation. Congrats!
–Jerry Crouch, ACT

Had a great time at the show Saturday! Good job Rock. I can tell a lot of work went into Footloose…and it paid off brother =o)            –Aaron LaFalce, 98.1 The River

The band had a blast playing for the show. We look forward to more! –Brian Turner, Orange Krush

Looked like the cast was having a fun time!  Christopher has a nice voice, doesn’t he.  I really enjoyed Coco’s 2nd act solo and then your reconciliation scene with her.  My girls had fun seeing their teachers on stage and liked hearing those great songs from our past. –Chris Lynn, Asheville Ballet Conservatory

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