Diana Wortham Theatre, Easter 2008

Jesus Christ Superstar, the first masterpiece by the legendary writing team of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, exploded onto the scene in 1971 changing the world of musical theatre forever. After 37 years it is still thought provoking and timeless.  The music is exhilarating and the story is one of the greatest in human history. Perhaps the most significant innovation in this portrayal of the final days of Jesus comes from the perspectives of Judas and Mary Magdalene. Rock Eblen produced, directed, and played the part of Jesus. The show became a successful fundraiser for Eblen Charities.

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JC SUPERSTAR cast photos

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Audience Comments:

Rock, great job acting and putting it all together!  I thought the coolest thing was how you and all your actors really seemed to enjoy themselves and connect with you and each other.  It is always nice to see people loving what they do!!! Congrats on the play and we all give you a huge applause for this!!! –Sam Jones

Rock, what a tremendous amount of work went into this show!!! From all the staging and special effects to casting and music. And what a wonderful opportunity to give so many talented actors a chance to shine. Great job on a very ambitious project, you “ROCKED!’ Thanks again…We wish you all the best life has to offer! –Annie Lalley

Hey Jesus–you Rock! You and the whole cast and musicians were outstanding amazing stupendous performers. We are SO proud of you.  –Ellie Lee

Rock! Can’t wait to see your next production!  Best, Chris Lynn

Jesus Christ Superstar!  Wow…you guys lifted the roof!  Keep it up.  Blessings, Bill Coxe

Rock, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show and how proud I am for you! I totally enjoyed the production and was so impressed by it all.  You should feel so good about what you accomplished with this production and all your crews and fellow actors deserve great applause and thanks for such wonderful performances!   –Myra Jones

Rock, I don’t think there is anyone else in town who could have played that part better than you! I hope you are happy with how well it all turned out.  –Lori Vanderbilt

Congratulations on a great play.  I hope you’ll either do this again, later, or do another one, like Pippin or something.  You’ve gotta good thing goin’.  Best, Mark Nance

It was great!!! I never saw the original, but really enjoyed the great singing and the great use of humor. All the main actors were excellent.  –Audrey Parsons

Steven Brooks kicks serious biblical butt in this role. He has a great belt-voice, a range that goes on for days and has a lot of fun with the part. Mary Kathryn Lyerly also rocked supremely in the role of Mary Magdalene. She has this very sweet, demure voice and then, really blasts it out during her solo, “I Don’t Know How to Love Him.” The rest of the cast is a group of very talented actors and singers. Tristan Tagar as Pilot and Ricky Webb as Simon also were able to show off their voices. Paul Trani as King Herod got a great response from the audience. –Meg Hale (blog)

Rock, the production is nothing short of brilliant!  My congratulations… –Tom Britt


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